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Nikon F3 serial numbers (assisted by Ron Volmershausen and John Laughlin) The Nikon F3 bodies were produced from March 1980 till October 2000; the Nikon F3HP was produced since March 1982; the Nikon F3/T (titanium-champagne) since December 1982; the Nikon F3/T black since September 1984; the Nikon F3AF and the Nikon F3P since April 1983; the Nikon F3Limited since October 1993. If you take off. Differences in Nikon 28-70 serial numbers / year Apr 6, 2015 Hi, I just recently bought two Nikon 28-70 2.8, one is the earlier heavier model (with a 20XXXX) serial number, the other one a later lighter model wearing a 41XXXX serial. I wonder what are the differences between the two different models, why was there such a large switch in the serial#? Why is the later model lighter? Is the newer.

Unlike cars and other larger items, the serial number on a Nikon DSLR lens can repeat on the same models. A lens serial number gives you and potential repairers a chance to look up more information about the lens you own. Sometimes the serial numbers are even used repeatedly and on different models and the length of the numbers differs depending on when the lenses were produced. This can be. Third digit is version of F3, fourth is revision. For regular F3 bodies, serial numbers up through 189xxxx are from between 1980 and 1989. 19xxxxx is 1990s, with the 20xxxxx serial range being 2000-04ish. The F4 has a formula that is listed on the old Nikon F4 FAQ site, which has been archived, since the site owner shut it down. The formula isn.

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  1. The Nikon F camera was produced between March 1959 and October 1973. The very first serial number was 6400001 and upon Japanese publications the last serial number was 7451052 (Peter Braczko, Nikon Pocket Book, July 1994, page 4-7: «The last serial numbers of the Nikon F production are 7451048 in chrome and 7451052 in black finish.»). Higher serial numbers up to 7464xxx are found on spare.
  2. Here is a link that will help you out...The serial number will help narrow down the years produced if there are several iterations. I own a large number of old MF and AF lenses, some of which I bought used
  3. Nikon F2 Serial Numbers and Production Dates. The Nikon F2 camera was produced between autumn 1971 and January 1980. The first serial number was 7100001 and upon the literature the last serial number was in the 806xxxx range. chrome and black bodies; 7100xxx 1971/02 to 1971/06; 710xxxx 1971/07 to 1971/10 ; 711xxxx 1971/10 to 1971/12; 712xxxx 1971/12 to 1972/02; 713xxxx 1972/02 to 1972/04.
  4. (5000 is the number of F4 units produced per month according to a Nikon press release in 12/88).A simpler way of doing this computation is to take your F4 camera body's serial number, subtract 2,100,000from it, and divide the result by 60,000 (the approximate number of F4 bodies Nikon made each year), then add the result to 1989.Note: Walter says that this process of calculation does not work.
  5. In the year 2000, which was the Chinese Year of the Dragon Nikon produced a limited series of 2000 (regular) Nikon FM2 with a symbol on its front. Each camera came with a (regular) Nikkor 1.4/50 mm. having the same serial number (xxxx/2000) as the camera body
  6. File Size: HTML Page (23k) LoadingThe Nikkormat FTN Camera [ A few views of the FTn body with Nikkor 43-86mm zoom lens ] Contributed by John Walls Nikomat Picture Library of Japanese local version As a sister of the Nikon F and F2 cameras, Nikkormat FTn was based upon the basic body of the original Nikkormat FT, the camera has been widely used by professionals and advanced amateurs the.
  7. Nikon F6 seri. numbers. naddvik. 4. naddvik. 4. Post Oct 19, 2009 #1 2009-10-19T09:43. Could anybody help me establish seriel. numbers for the F6? Thanks. Naddvik. jonmanjiro. 143. jonmanjiro . 143. Post Oct 20, 2009 #2 2009-10-20T04:39. Seven digit number starting from #0000001. Cameras from #0018754 left the factory with an improved firmware version, but older cameras can be upgraded by.

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  1. Despite a lapse of twenty years - that belief never changes. But those days, the FE was more expensive than the Nikon FM, its mechanical version and I couldn't afford the difference and eventually settled with the FM instead. I remembered I have sold that when the FE2 was introduced during the early eighties. Strange to made a such a remark - personally, I felt even the FE2 lacks that kind of.
  2. The location of the serial number on Nikon cameras can vary, however generally they are located on the bottom or behind the camera. Below are illustrations of serial number locations on selected Nikon products. The areas where the serial number can be found are highlighted in red. COOLPIX Nikon 1 DSLR Z series KeyMission NIKKOR Lenses The location of Serial numbers on Nikon lenses vary.
  3. The location of the serial number on Nikon cameras can vary, however generally they are located on the bottom of the camera. Below are illustrations of serial number locations on selected Nikon products. The areas where the serial number can be found are highlighted in red. COOLPIX Nikon 1 Z series DSLR KeyMission NIKKOR Lenses The location of Serial numbers on Nikon lenses vary depending on.

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If know the start of a production run has a serial number of, say, 200000 and you have 4 or 5 samples over a 5 year period it gives you a good idea. The real difficulty is that equipment can be sat on a shelf for a month before it sells. But I don't even think that's major problem as those should stick out too once there are a few samples. Besides, most retailers shift their gear pretty quickly Serial No - Known serial numbers. See serial no page for more details Date - Production Dates, difficult to verify so may not be accurate Notes - Identifying features Optic - Optical construction in Elements/Groups Angle - Picture angle (diagonal) / Angle with PC lens fully shifted Bl - Number of aperture blades r - rounded blades form a circular opening at wider apertures c - curved (not. Moderator:NIKON KIU. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 9 posts Nikkormat Serial Numbers Nikkormat Serial Numbers. amalexander. 1. amalexander . 1. Post Mar 13, 2007 #1 2007-03-13T03:50. I saw this post over on the Nikonians site and I am interested in this as well. Is there a web or other source for serial numbers by year for the Nikkormat models? I am interested in dating my FTn but I'm. Nikon S serial numbers range from 6094001 to 6129600. All four early Nikon cameras share the same layout and can easily be mistaken for each other at a quick glance. See separate profiles: Unsynced M, Synced M, S. The Nikon S2 . The Nikon S2 was introduced in 1955, a great advance over the S. It showed Nikon's innovative design I know not only year but month of manufacture of every piece of Blad equipment I own by its serial number. Nikon Lens Versions and Serial Nos › See More: Lens age vs serial number. FTn, F2A, FT2, F4E, D850, D500, D750, D700 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5 AFS, 15mm f/3.5 AIS, 16mm f/2.8 AIS, 18mm f/3.5 AIS, 24mm f/2.8 AIS, 24mm f/2 AIS, 25-50mm f/4 AIS, 28mm f/2.8 AIS, 35mm f/2 AIS, 35-70mm /3.5 AIS, 50mm.

For years I have heard many opinions regarding the serial numbers on a Nikon body and how the first two numbers indicated the year of production. Many have said that this is a myth. I recently purchased an F2A (which I am madly in love with by the way) and I would like to know if I could tell if it was an early or late production model through the serial number. The serial number starts with. Nikon merely has one set of serial numbers for each lens model, without regional differentiation. Sometimes a Nikkor lens intended for the US market has the US prefix in front of the serial number, but sometimes it doesn't. The presence of the US prefix can usually confirm that it is a Nikon USA lens If your D750 camera may be affected, as confirmed with the serial number check above, you will be provided with the necessary information to obtain service for this issue free of charge. Once your D750 camera is received by Nikon, your D750 camera's shutter will be examined and replaced, and your D750 camera returned to you free of charge, even if your D750 camera warranty has expired 11 years on, I've used this thread to find the serial number on my Micro-Nikkor 105mm f2.8D lens. Thank you. rexmarriott, Apr 19, 2018 #7. Albin''s images likes this. ben_hutcherson. As a side note, the base of the aperture ring location is common on a LOT of AF/AF-D lenses. In addition to my 105 Micro, some of my other at least midrange to higher end lenses like my 80-200(push-pull D, no. Number of employees. 25,729 For nearly 30 years, Nikon's F-series SLRs were the most widely used small-format cameras among professional photographers [citation needed], as well as by the U.S. space program. Nikon popularized many features in professional SLR photography [citation needed], such as the modular camera system with interchangeable lenses, viewfinders, motor drives, and data.

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Is there a way to verify the serial number on the camera to ensure it's not a knock-off, refurb, but a legit D7100? › See More: Serial number verification...ummm what? Nikon D7100; AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR; AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G; AF-S DX VR Zoom 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IF ED; Vanguard Up-Rise II 33; Reply . 12-12-2013, 05:10 PM. Advertising. 12-12-2013, 05:22 PM #2. jdeg. View Profile View. Nikon Capture NX 2.0 serial key or number Nikon Capture NX 2.0 The last serial number for this program was added to our data base on October 7, 2015 744 visitors told us the serial is good, 295 guys said the number is bad Nikon capture nx2 serial number download Nikon capture nx2 131 1440. Full download: Nikon_capture_nx2.rar. Please input. Most Nikon cameras feature a serial number. It is a 6 or 7 digit number. The location of the serial number can vary but it is usually on the camera base. 0 Comment Comment. 7. Check the details of the camera mount carefully. Edges will be well finished, screws will fit flush with the surface, and the cap should be branded with the logo. 0 Comment Comment. 8. 0 Comment Comment. 9. 0 Comment. D800 Feb 2012 2000001 < 2005326 - 2052672 > Japan 3000001 < 3000438 - 3088748 > USA 5000001 < 5009557 > Canada? 6000001 < 6001169 - 6148922 > Europe 8000001 < 8016302 - 8047004 > Asia D800E Feb 2012 2000001 < 2001536 - 2012017 > Japan 3000001 < 30..

NIKKOR-S Auto 1:2Zoom-NIKKOR Auto 1:3Nikon F3 Titanium Limited EditionLeica VIDOM Universal Optical Finder - Image LibraryNikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) RF Nikkor 105mm lenses for Nikonf22cameras | Nikon Nikkor-SNikon FM/FE Series Special Ediiton camera model - Part III24-105 f/4 - Serial number sticker falling off: Sony Alpha
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